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Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

“I made a strategic choice to start this business because ‘everything was probable’ - the lifestyle, time and financial freedom, my dreams and passions, a structure and system set up for success, and where people understood and were ‘speaking the same language’ about the mind, personal development, and psychology. When I applied this learning, I consciously created a ‘new normal’ across key areas of my life including earning in a month what I had previously earned in a year. I am proud of the businesswoman I am becoming, It’s exciting having the vehicle to be all of me, and this is just the start...”

Tania Kadjovi-Stapp

"It was the opportunity to run a business and make big money that attracted me initially and wasn’t expecting what came next. Packing up my 3hr per day round trip and after the birth of our first child my new adventure had just begun. I am a stronger, better version of myself for my wife and kids who share this adventure with me.”

Howard Hughes

Work From Your Happy Place 

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This business offers me everything that I am passionate about, I can work the hours that suit me  from anywhere in the world, all I need is my phone and laptop.  I am busy working with a smile on my face towards creating the life I want to live. If you are keen for a change of direction, ready to embrace personal & financial growth, motivated to build your own business then reach out to me and join me on this journey just fill out the form - Madalene Wimble


HI I'M Madalene and welcome to my website

I am based in the UK and live in the stunning countryside of East Sussex. I have three beautiful grown up children & three grandchildren.  

 I am fortunate enough to have just joined a business in an industry of which I am passionate about Personal Development.

A long time ago I found myself a single mum of three,  emotionally & financially broken.

 I never thought I could turn my life around.  But instead of taking flight I learnt to embrace these awful times of which good positive things began to develop these bad experiences served their purpose for my own growth. Hence my own personal journey of self development began.

 For many years I worked in in the corporate world of selling property, working long unsociable hours.  

Alongside this I trained as a psychotherapist something I am passionate about helping others to grow, face and overcome difficulties, as I had experienced.

  Having a different mindset is the key to personal development. 

After many years I started to yearn for more freedom for myself, spend quality time with my family and  pursue my other passion travel.

I wanted  to find a business that incorporated all my skills that I could develop which could reward my achievements and give me the lifestyle I dreamt about.  So when I literally stumbled across this online business on face book or should I say I believe found me I just knew straight away I wanted to find out more.

This is an opportunity for individuals from all walks of like who are motivated and aspire to growth, prosperity and lifestyle. 

A few hours to spare and commitment is all you need to make in your busy schedule to build a new business venture.  
 Below are few photos of my family below we love to travel.             

Here I am with my family we love hanging out together this was taken in one of the East Sussex Pub Gardens

" Who Are We and What Do We Do."
We work with a Global Online Business in the Personal Development and Leadership Success Education industry to market high quality, award winning training and development programs. Our products have received multiple industry awards for excellence in online learning, leadership and production quality.  

We actively look to partner with people who want to run their own business and are seeking to create a more rewarding life as well as strong income from their online business.  Following a tried and tested business model with continued online training and mentoring, you are supported as you grow your business and achieve success.  All you need is access to a laptop, phone and the internet. If you would like to learn more and join me on this journey open to both men and women who have one thing in common to create a life they want to live. Then please contact me fill in the form - I am happy to share my experience and help you to find you.  


Erin & Seth enjoying themselves whilst we were in Lanzarote


One of our favourite places to ski Obergurgl in Austria

Me with the lovely George who just loves all the attentions

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